It has been a minute since my last post. I apologize to the 3 people that read my blog. However, I return at just the right time to give my two cents on what looks to be a very interesting football season.

In college, Georgia is ranked atop both major polls. This is a problem for Georgia. Can the Dawgs handle the pressure? I don’t care if they can handle the pressure of being number one, because I don’t think that they can handle the schedule. There won’t be a repeat of 2004 Auburn–Georgia will not go undefeated in the SEC.

In the Big 12, it looks like Texas Tech could win the conference. A team that throws the ball incessantly  could win one of college football’s best conferences? It is going to be a crazy year people. 

In the NFL, we have a chance to perhaps see a Super Bowl champion that won’t make the playoffs. I strongly believe that. The Giants are in no position to repeat as champs, and are going to struggle in the NFC East. The Cowboys are better than they are, so are the improving Redskins. Even the Eagles could potentially be better than the Giants if Mcnabb and Westbrook stay healthy.

The Patriots will still be good and will win that terrible division easily, although look for the Dolphins to be better. The Colts and Chargers will win their divisions as well. However, the Colts’ division will be the craziest division in the league, imho. The Titans and Texans are now wanting a piece of the playoff pie. The Jaguars got a piece last year and will also be looking to improve. Every game in that division could go to the home team. I still feel the Colts are the class of the division, but I am excited to see how crazy it will get. 

I don’t think that this will be as crazy of a season as last year’s was, but I do foresee an entertaining ride. It is an exciting time in sports with one of the best NBA regular seasons ever ending last year, a crazy college football season, a team going 18-0 and then losing in the Super Bowl. What could happen next? Pay attention to this website, my faithful few followers, and I will keep you updated on my opinions concerning sports….as if you care.