We have reached that point in the sports year that I refer to as “no-man’s-land.” Baseball is the only sport left worth watching. Soccer doesn’t count. Basketball is done (and what a magnificent finals we had this year!). Football is in optional workouts. Even college sports are done. 

The question is, what is a sports fan to do? Well, this year we are in luck. With the olympics coming up and with the parity shown so far in baseball, we may be in for an exciting sports summer.

The Yankees are hovering dangerously close to the bottom of their division, and certain young teams (read: the Rays and the Rangers) are not as bad as expected. They are at the point where the construction guys in Major League would say “These guys ain’t so @#%^ing bad.” (By the way, one of my favorite scenes in any movie, with the team on the rise, it shows all the naysayers starting to come around, thus reinforcing to the audience the team’s improvement)

America’s Olympic basketball team is about to start full-fledged practices. I believe that this is the best team the USA has had since the ’92 Dream Team. As weighty as that statement is, I believe it. Lebron, Melo, Kobe, Kidd….this team is going to dominate. One thing that the Americans have lacked in the past is a great low post presence, and with Dwight Howard, they more than make up for it. What will other countries do with a 7-foot-1 guy with a 40-inch vertical? 

As you can tell, I am really excited about this summer. Do not worry about what you are going to watch, sports fans, just sit back and relax. It is going to be a summer to remember.