You HAVE to watch this season’s Western Conference playoffs. HAVE to. Even if you haven’t watched a second of an NBA game since Jordan hit his shot against the Jazz–you still need to watch this season’s NBA Western Conference playoffs.

There are more good teams this year than there have ever been in the league. You could also make the case that there are more superstars this season than any other in league history. It is really unbelievable.

I think the Lakers have what it takes to win the whole thing, and a first-round series between them and the Nuggets would be as exciting as any first-round series.

Even the Mavericks, who clinched the 7-seed yesterday, are looking strong. Luckily my blog that I wrote last week worked. That was really just a reverse jinx, no way do I really want the Mavs to lose…. And if they play the Hornets in the first-round, the Mavericks could win. Even a series against the Spurs looks almost winnable.

I suggest drawing up a bracket, march madness style, and bet money on it. That will make it even more exciting.