The Cavs Are Garbage, but Lebron is for Real

November 17, 2007

The Cleveland Cavaliers should be removed already from any discussion of potential Eastern Conference championship teams. They have done nothing this season other than take enormous steps backwards. However, Lebron James has proven to me once again that he is a grown man and a force to be reckoned with.

If the Cavaliers had any other scoring threat, or if Drew Gooden could learn to catch the ball, they might be a good team again this year. People are making ht excuse that they are without one of their starters, Anderson Varejao. That is a moot point because he may be the most overrated player in the league. He doesn’t shoot well, pass well or play good defense and he isn’t as good a rebounder as people think he is. He brings nothing except energy and turnovers to the table. He is also now asking for something like $9 mil. a year. WHAT? He is lucky to not be playing in Spain. If he didn’t have Lebron clearing the lane out and dropping dimes to him, no one would know who he is.

Michael Redd is the player that the Cavs should have traded for a few years ago. His skill-set complements Lebron’s perfectly. Also, Lamar Odom would be a good fit for the Cavs as long as Daniel Gibson continues to improve. If Gibson becomes the outside threat he could be, Lebron will be O so thankful.

At the moment the Cavs really don’t have a deadly three-point shooter off the bench, and don’t talk to me about Damon Jones. He is still surviving on the season he had in Miami when Shaq and D-Wade were creating his shots for him. Now he is an aging, short swingman that can’t create his own open shots.

If the Cavs don’t improve this roster in the next two years, no one could blame Lebron from forcing a trade. If the Celtics can add great players, why can’t the Cavs. James is faced with an impossible task in trying to get this team deep into the playoffs. If they finish anything other than the seven or eight seed, give Lebron the MVP trophy immediately. At the moment he is the basketball version of Benny “the jet” Rodriguez, doing great playing with a bunch of rejects and fat kids.


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